Brexit negotiations hampered by internal disputes | Hudson McKenzie

Are Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations being hampered by internal disputes?

August 2, 2017 | Latest Thinking

The argument over Free Movement within the government took another turn this week with No. 10 moving in to clear up any dispute in relation to Brexit negotiations.

On Friday, Chancellor Phillip Hammond seemed to come into conflict with the statement made earlier that week by Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary when he warned that it would take ‘some time’ before Britain will have full control over its borders. That brought into question whether the deadline of March 2019, outlined by the Home Secretary earlier that week, for the end of free movement of EU immigrants to the UK is optimistic at best.

Amid supposed splits within the government, Prime Minister Theresa May has stepped in to clear up the uncertainty in an attempt to reassert control and get things back on track with the plan outlined by the Prime Minister at the start of the year.

A statement from No. 10 states ‘It would be wrong to suggest it…will continue as it is now’. Therefore, it is likely that the proposed deadline of March 2019 for free movement of EU migrants to the UK will be the aim going forward.

However, what remains unclear is what the post Brexit deal will look like?

This week Mr. Hammond explained that the cabinet was united behind a decision for a transitional phase of up to three years after Brexit and said that it was likely that during this phase arrangements would ‘remain very similar to how they were the day before we exited the European Union’.

His goal continues to be trying to minimise the level of disruption that Brexit will cause to UK businesses, by attempting to maintain access to the European markets; but with the Conservatives claiming in the election that they will leave the single market, once again the Chancellor seems to be in conflict with his party.

With Mr. Hammond promising that things will remain very similar to how they looked before Brexit and Theresa May claiming that Britain will take back control with radical changes during the election; there seems to be a lack of harmony within the cabinet that the Prime Minister will have to eradicate quickly if she wants to gain a strong position going into the Brexit negotiations.