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Will the UK’s Shortage Occupation List be extended?

Ahead of the new points-based immigration system in January 2021, The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recently been appointed the task of reviewing the Shortage Occupation List (SOLs) for the UK including Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The MAC is an independent advisory committee in charge of advising the UK government specifically on migration matters.

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Sponsor Licence and Tier 2 Changes in 2021

On 24th September 2020, UK Visas, and Immigration (UKVI) released policy guidance for employers seeking to recruit workers from overseas after Brexit. As of 1st January 2021, employers must obtain a sponsor licence to hire workers from a large number of countries outside of the UK including the EU. Employers are therefore advised to apply

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COVID 19 Update: Temporary concessions

On 16th September 2020, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) renewed its policy guidance for individuals who are either in the process of applying for a visa or have already done so. VAC closures For those who are currently applying for their visa but their local Visa Application Centre (VAC) remains shut, there is an interim

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Saudi Arabia kickstarts normal travel

September 17, 2020 | COVID-19, Immigration, Latest Thinking, News, Travel

In Saudi Arabia, the government’s grand plan for travel is for it to return to a complete normality, i.e without any limitations from 1st January 2021. As a means of kickstarting this programme of resuming unrestricted travel to and from Saudi Arabia, the travel restrictions related to the pandemic on arrivals and departures have been

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COVID-19: Australian Update

September 16, 2020 | COVID-19, Immigration, Latest Thinking, News, Travel

Only now in this COVID-19 climate, many countries worldwide have implemented travel restrictions on their borders as a means of reducing the rate of imported infection. With the number of coronavirus cases fluctuating between various countries, international governments have taken different decisions on whether to ease or tighten further the entry restrictions on their borders.

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Israel sees another lockdown

September 15, 2020 | COVID-19, Immigration, Latest Thinking, News, Travel

As a result of a spike in COVID-19 cases in Israel, the Israeli government has scheduled the enforcement of a second national lockdown. Israel is the first country in the world to impose another lockdown that will affect the country entirely.  The new lockdown provisions will be enforced from 18th September 2020 at 14:00 PM

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COVID-19 Update: Individuals affected by the pandemic

The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) have made new amendments to the current set of guidance for individuals negatively affected by the travel restrictions imposed because of the pandemic. These changes are for the purposes of providing clarification to individuals who have visas due to expire after 31st August 2020. It is important for individuals

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New era of immigration changes in Singapore

On 27th August 2020, The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) enlisted a batch of notable new changes for Employment Pass and S Pass applicants. This encompasses a tremendous increment in both the minimum qualifying salary conditions for Employment Passes and S passes and the salary requirement for Employment Pass holders working specifically in the financial services

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Dubai embraces retirees

September 3, 2020 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

For individuals who are thinking about taking the step towards retirement or have done so already but are looking for a lifestyle change, they may want to look at the new ‘retirement visa’ introduced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government which has been announced very recently. The new visa provides a more accessible avenue

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UK immigration options from January 2021

As of January 2021, the Brexit transition period will come to an end and the UK will have officially left the European Union (EU). For EEA (European Economic Area) nationals and their employers, this begs the question of how business travellers and citizens from EEA countries can continue to enter and work in the UK

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Global Talent Visa

On 20th February 2020, The Home Office replaced the latter immigration category, Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa, with the current Global Talent visa. This visa has been designed to target individuals who have much talent, brightness and high aptitude, work in specified industries and seek to work in the UK. Eligibility Before starting an application

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COVID-19 Update: Guidance for visa applicants in limited circumstances

Between 14th and 24th August, UK Visas, and Immigration (UKVI) have decided to make temporary concessions for new visa applicants and current visa customers to facilitate travel and immigration in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Additional guidance is now available for those wishing to apply for a visa but their Visa Application Centre

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The EU migrant crisis

Since the end of July and beginning of August 2020, the UK’s Border Force has picked up an extraordinary number of migrant boats attempting to cross the English Channel illegally. A high-rise of 202 migrants were found on 20 vessels on Thursday 30th July 2020 and more than 4000 people have successfully, as well as

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Rights of EU and EEA citizens in need of financial assistance

If individuals have already been granted leave but their financial circumstances change, they may be eligible to apply for access to public funding from the UK government. This can be done by completing an online application requesting for a change of conditions to their leave. Individuals are advised to complete a change of conditions application

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COVID-19 Update: Tier 4 sponsors and applicants

On 5th August 2020, UK Visas, and Immigration (UKVI) updated its policy guidance for Tier 4 sponsors who are sponsoring students engaging in distance learning and its information on visa extensions and the resumption of specified visa services. Tier 4 sponsors It is still permitted by UKVI for sponsors to continue sponsoring students who are

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