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Benefits of the new Graduate visa route

From 1st July 2021, a new Graduate route will be introduced which was outlined in the most recent March 2021 statement of changes issued by the UK government. 

This visa is open to those international students in the UK who wish to work following successful completion of an eligible course either at UK bachelor’s degree level or higher. 

Downsides of the graduate visa route

  • This is not a route to settlement and those who want to eventually apply to settle in the UK will need to switch to a different visa that allows a route to settlement.
  • This visa cannot be extended.

The listed benefits of the Graduate route

  • This visa gives graduates an opportunity to find work in the UK after their studies without having to apply for a Skilled Worker visa.
  • This visa allows a graduate to apply for any role in the UK.
  • Applicants do not need a UK job offer when making an application for the Graduate visa. 
  • A graduate can apply for a role in the UK without having to prove a certain minimum skill level or secure work with a minimum salary.
  • This will be an unsponsored route which means that an employer does not need to have a sponsor licence to be able to employ a worker on this visa route, providing more flexibility when hiring.
  • Employers will save time and money as they will not have to make a sponsor licence application.
  • This visa can be applied for from within the UK, meaning graduates will not have to return to their home countries to make an application.
  • For those students who hold a Tier 4 visa and have dependants who hold dependent visas, they can also switch into this route with the main applicant. 
  • Once the Graduate visa becomes close to expiring, individuals have the option to apply for a Skilled Worker visa in the UK, if eligible.

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