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Barista Visas could allow workers two years in UK

May 15, 2017 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

Being a nation of coffee lovers – Coffee shops and hotels in the UK have expressed concerns and claimed that British people are not interested in working in coffee shops as Baristas, therefore they are pushing for the introduction of  ‘Barista Visas’. Amber Rudd, the home secretary, is being urged to allow young people from some non-EU countries temporary visas to live and work in the UK.

Post Brexit, this visa, if agreed, would be designed to allow EU Citizens to come to the UK for up to two years (with no scope to extend further) to give them the chance to learn English, earn some money and fill the gap coffee shop chains feel they will face after Brexit.

Could this mean that the never utilised Tier 3 scheme of the Points Based System, which was designed for unskilled migrants and intended to replace existing low-skilled immigration programmes, might be introduced?

Regardless, the Hospitality sector has been crying out for Speciality Chefs, where they have been unsuccessful in employing staff from within the UK, however, whilst chefs are still on the Shortage Occupation List, they are still difficult to employ by restaurants and for years we have seen restaurant owners disputing this argument with UKVI.

Should the Barista visa be introduced, this will most certainly raise questions about UK’s immigration system and sectors like IT, Healthcare, Banking, to name a few, will probably argue that their jobs require more skill and they should also be allowed to bring in staff as easily.

Whilst this is pure speculation at this point, as the government has not made any plans set in stone to introduce this visa, it is still being considered. We shall post any further news regarding this visa.

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