Australia: Dual citizenship crisis revealed | Hudson McKenzie

Australia: Dual citizenship crisis revealed

Decision of Australian high court regarding MP Katy Gallagher has led to four more politicians resigning from the Australian parliament.

The recent Labor Party Senator – Katy Gallagher, failed to renounce her British Citizenship by the 2016 election.

By not renouncing her British Citizenship, the High Court ruled Katy Gallagher ‘ineligible’ to sit in the Australian parliament.

This is because the High Court adopted a “strict approach” to current ‘constitutional bar’ that states that dual citizenship is not an eligible status for those desiring to sit in parliament.

Thus, based upon Section 44 of Australia’s constitution, anyone holding dual citizenship, such as Katy Gallagher, is barred from running for office, which following from the decision of the High Court has lead to a domino effect upon other MPs who also hold office.

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