Arrangements for assigning Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) on the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) in March and April 201 - | Hudson McKenzie

Arrangements for assigning Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) on the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) in March and April 201

March 5, 2013 | News

The UK Border Agency has announced that they will be updating the lists of occupations skilled to different levels to reflect the new SOC 2010 system which will replace the current codes of practice using the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) 2000 system.

How will this affect preparing Certificates of Sponsorship?

The SOC 2000 list will expire on 5 April 2013. It will be replaced by the SOC 2010 list on 6 April, but this means that, if an employer prepare any Certificates of Sponsorship before 6 April, but do not assign them by that date, they will need to amend the ‘job type’ field to select a SOC 2010 job type.

How will this affect restricted Certificates of Sponsorship (RCoS)?

If an employer is granted a restricted Certificate of Sponsorship before 6 April they must assign it by 5 April or the ‘job type’ details will be lost. If this happens, they will need to make a new application. The reason for this is that any restricted Certificates of Sponsorship granted before 6 April will use the SOC 2000 codes. These will expire on 6 April, and unlike unrestricted CoS, they cannot amend the job type after the RCoS application has been granted.

Timings of the monthly allocation for restricted Certificates of Sponsorship (RCoS)

Because of these updates, the dates that the UKBA will be accepting applications and the timings of the monthly allocation of restricted certificates of sponsorship (RCoS) for April and May will change.

Rather than accepting applications from 6 March to 5 April to be decided on 11 April, the UKBA will accept applications from 6 April to 17 April.  Decisions on these applications will be made on 19 April.

The UKBA will accept applications for the May allocation of RCoS from 18 April to 5 May, and they will decide these applications on 13 May. The monthly allocation process for June will revert to the usual schedule.

If an employer needs to apply for and assign a RCoS urgently between 6 March and 18 April, they must submit an application through SMS and request exceptional consideration, emailing the reasons why the application is urgent to: The request for exceptional consideration must be made on the same day as they submit their application or the application may be rejected.

If you would like assistance in issuing CoS, both restricted and unrestricted or simply would like further information regarding the above, please get in touch with Rahul Batra, Director and Head of Department at Hudson McKenzie at Alternatively, please call on 020 3553 7711.