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An update on pending Sponsor Licence applications

September 13, 2012 | News

The UK Border Agency has notified that any progress checks on pending Sponsor Licence applications will now be dealt with via email. Sponsors whose applications are pending should send an email to They are no longer entertaining progress checks over the phone. Where Hudson McKenzie is listed as Level 1 user/Legal Representatives on the SMS, we will continue to follow up with the UKBA for our clients.

The UKBA have advised that they currently have higher numbers of sponsor applications and transactional requests pending than usual. The standard time it takes to consider these has therefore increased considerably i.e. from few weeks to several months.

They have further advised that they are presently considering sponsor licence applications which were received by them in first week of April 2012. If your application was received by them after this date, unfortunately they are unable to provide a progress update as most likely the application will not be on their systems as yet.

For change of circumstance and changes to Level 1 user requests submitted electronically after 6th April 2012, please read the following information, as the UKBA will not respond to emails for progress on these applications.

Sponsors can now track the progress of change of circumstance requests submitted on-line by logging into their SMS account (using the link below) and selecting ‘view and edit sponsor profile’, then ‘Request changes to sponsor details’, then ‘view recent and outstanding requests’

The request can be viewed in table format and will have a clearly marked status of ‘pending’, ‘progress’, ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’.

  • Pending means the UKBA have received your request but have yet to allocate it to a caseworker.
  • Progress indicates that a caseworker is considering your request.
  • Accepted means the UKBA have approved your request and made the changes to your sponsor record.
  • Rejected means the UKBA have rejected your application and have not made the changes you requested. You will need to resubmit your application supplying information to show that the previous reason for rejection no longer applies.

Sponsors can also track the progress of requests to add a new level 1 user by logging into their SMS account and selecting ‘view and edit sponsor profile’ then ‘view user list’. The request will be marked ‘requested’, ‘active’ or ‘refused’.

SMS account login link:

Urgent Requests

The UKBA have advised that they will process applications in strict date order, however consideration for processing an application out of turn may be made, only if it meets the criteria set out below.

These are the only circumstances that the UKBA will consider dealing with a request as a priority:

  • A migrant currently employed by the prospective sponsor or switching to the prospective sponsor, who has valid leave expiring in 10 working days (or has an urgent need to change their leave status within 10 working days). Ideally the company should provide evidence of expiry of leave in their email. E.g. a scanned copy of the relevant vignette / Biometric Residence Permit.
  • Applications more than 4 weeks old which have a Resident Labour Market Test expiring in the next 6 weeks.
  • Applications more than 4 weeks old where there is an urgent business need for a licence within the next 10 working days, for which justification must be provided. Such requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you fit one of the above criteria and have applied to become a sponsor you should email:

If you fit one of the above criteria and are making changes to an existing licence you should email:

For further information on the above or to know how we can be of assistance please get in touch with Rahul Batra, Director and Head of Department at or call on +44 (0)20 3553 7711.