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Amended worker rights for Uber drivers

August 31, 2021 | Employment, News

In May 2021 a landmark court ruling concluded that Uber drivers should be classed as workers and therefore entitled to worker rights. This has meant that taxi drivers working for Uber are allowed a guaranteed minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions. 

In February, Uber lost a 5-year legal battle for the right claiming that their employment status was wrongly classified as self-employed. However, the supreme court finally ruled that the drivers were classified workers and therefore entitled to the benefits of employed workers. 

What happens now?

Uber workers are now entitled to the National Minimum Wage for over-25s, they will be paid holiday time based on their earnings and will automatically be enrolled onto a pension plan.

The Uber boss and leader of the GMB trade union have recently met for the first time since the court ruling. The GMB will be able to represent the drivers as they make this move to receive employment benefits and provide support to employees. 

What does this mean?

For millions of Uber drivers, this ruling means that they are able to make the first step towards having a fairer working life that reflects their true employment situation. The agreement between Uber and the GMB trade union suggests that working standards will be raised for Uber workers.

In addition, the court ruling has set a precedent for other similar app services in future.

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